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Teski Electric provides complete residential & commercial electrical service. New construction, additions, upgrades, interior and exterior lighting renovation, old wiring replacement, house surge protection, troubleshooting, put Teski Electric's 30+ years of experience to work for you.


Electrical Panel & Service Upgrade

Do your lights flicker on and off? Are your circuit breakers constantly tripping or buzzing? Are you still going to the hardware store for screw-in fuses? Do you need circuits added in your home and have no extra space in your electric panel? If you said yes to any of the above questions, now is the time to have Teski Electric perform an Electrical Service Upgrade or simply add a subpanel.


Pools, Hot Tub & Spa

Choose Teski Electric for all your Pool, Hot Tub & Spa electrical wiring requirements and repairs.

We specialize in Equipotential Bonding inspections and repairs. This crucial safety component inspection will ensure the safety due to electrical shock!  


Emergency Generators

Sandy taught us a valuable lesson, be prepared. There are many options available, from powering 6 circuits to your entire house. No more fumbling with extension cords and candles when the power goes out. Instead, you can have every receptacle and light energized and ready to go.


Dock power and lighting


Electric Vehicle Chargers

A Level 2 residential home charging station, also called Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), is powered by a 240 volt dedicated circuit from your electric panel. Charging times will vary from 2 to 8 hours, depending on which Electric Vehicle and type of charger you use. The most common Level 2 chargers are the Tesla Wall Connector, the ChargePoint Home Flex, and the JuiceBox Smart Charging Station.

Do you need additional power or lighting to your dock, perhaps some updating. 



Whether you're building a new home or renovating an old home, recessed lighting can be a key element in both the function and style of the space. Recessed lighting increases the amount of light in a room while creating a clean, streamlined look. It can also be used to highlight artwork or other special features in your home or office.

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